DOWFROST™ - Inhibited Propylene-Glycol-Based Heat Transfer Fluid

DOWFROST™ - Inhibited Propylene-Glycol-Based Heat Transfer Fluid

DOWFROST™ Propylene-Glycol-based heat transfer quality is specially formulated to contain a package of industrial inhibitors that effectively prevent corrosion, ensuring equipment longevity. DOWFROST™ consists of ~96% Propylene glycol and 4% corrosion inhibitors. 

DOWFROST™ is a food-grade heat transfer fluid for a variety of heat transfer applications. With low acute oral toxicity, DOWFROST™ is safe for use in applications where contact with food or beverage products could occur.  

DOWFROST™ can provide effective heat transfer from -50°F to 250°F (-45°C to 120°C) and can provide freeze protection to below -50°C (-60°F) and burst protection to below -73°C (-100°F).

Typical product properties 

Composition (% by weight)
Performance Additives


Specific Gravity 15/15°C (60/60°F)1.050–1.060
pH of Solution (50% Glycol)
Reserve Alkalinity (min.)
10.0 ml
1. Typical properties, not to be construed as specifications. Complete sales specifications are available on request..
Recommended Use Temperature Range:
  •  -45°C (-50°F) đến 120°C (250°F)

  • Secondary heating and cooling

  • Freeze and burst protection of pipes

  • Various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying

DOWFROST™ is an upgraded version of Dow PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP, providing high-quality and long-lasting performance. DOWFROST™ is available in 220 kg drums for the system.

Contact a Chemizol representative immediately to discover more features of Dowfrost - the optimal solution for your system. 

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