EVEREST - Cold Compressed Oil

EVEREST Refrigeration Oil (LANXESS)

Refrigeration oil or refrigerant oil is a specialized industrial oil for refrigeration compressors in refrigeration systems such as chillers, industrial air conditioners, freezing systems...

The main job of oil is to lubricate moving parts to reduce frictional forces and losses caused by friction. Carrying out the task of transferring heat from the friction surfaces of pistons, cylinders, bearings, bearings ... to the compressor housing to radiate to the environment, ensuring that the temperature in the upper positions is not too high. Refrigerant leak protection for shaft seals and seals, sealing of compression chambers in screw machines.

Everest is a premium refrigeration compressor oil, manufactured by Lanxess group - Germany. The main ingredient is polyol ester and additives, compatible with HCFC and HFC refrigerants such as R 134a, R404a, R407c, R22..... The main product lines of Everest include Everest 32, Everest 68 , Everest 170 and Everest 220 with details as follows:

In Vietnam market, Chemizol is the importer and distributor Everest refrigeration compressor oil by Lanxes. For more information about products and customer service, please contact:

  • Duy (Mr.) – 0902 624 533 - kevin@chemizolcorp.com

EVEREST - Cold Compressed Oil
Chemizol 9 July, 2021
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